Here's a little about my background...

My programs are all about Living Your Life to the Fullest -- Living the Agenda of Your Soul.

I found myself more connected to who I am through attending spiritual classes and workshops, and these workshops and events are offered in the spirit of giving.  Come and receive what you need to live a life of joy, bliss, connection, and wholeness!

A little about me...I'm an Executive/Leadership Coach who likes to be outdoors (especially with trees), eat good food, laugh and have fun with my family and friends.  I'm into travel and conscious dance and am a beginner yogini.  I believe strongly in a "big tent" philosophy of life, and have a pretty strong spiritual connection to nature.  

Grew up in Upstate New York, going camping in the Adirondack Mountains.  Proud to be one of four daughters in my family!  

Spiritual Workshops and Retreats

with a Nature Focus

for your life journeys

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