Soul Matters

Connect with Spirit

and Your Soul

Deep within us, we hunger for connection with others and All That Is Divine. This online sharing circle -- each month based on a different spiritual theme -- provides a place for exploration and reflection.


Each month, participants receive a Soul Matters packet based on a theme that's designed to foster individual exploration and spiritual discernment.

We then meet for 90 minutes twice a month (via Zoom) to discuss that theme with each other.  (To see a sample Soul Matters packet, please email me at and there is no obligation to participate by requesting the packet.)  Attend each week or as often as you'd like.

Upcoming Soul Matters Themes are:

July 2020                      Compassion

August 2020                 Curiosity

September 2020            Renewal

The Soul Matters booklets are based on material developed for use by Unitarian Universalist faith communities.  The themes have been modified for use in my program to be universal to all people. My Soul Matters group is a nondenominational, spiritual reflection group.

How to Participate

During the days leading up to our meeting, try to find the one question that "hooks you" from that packet -- the question that speaks to you and challenges you personally.

You're then asked to live with -- or “walk with” -- that question for a few weeks and then come to the meeting, not with an answer to all of the questions in the packet, but with a story about how your one, personally chosen question led you to a deeper, personal insight. There's a lot of material in the packet, so throughout the month we will explore the different dimensions of that month's topic.

Because the Divine is present in nature, I ask you to bring some aspect of the outdoors into each meeting to contribute to our Altar of Presence -- for example, this could be a feather you found on a walk, or a fresh flower, or a photograph of the outdoors. This is a small way I hope to incorporate the gifts of the Divine into our group.

(Based in part on a description of the Soul Matters materials)

Soul Matters Dates

2nd and 4th Friday

3:00-4:30 pm Eastern Time/12:00-1:20 pm Pacific

Free.  Seats are limited.  

Please note that when you register for one session, this registers you for the Soul Matters series.  Attend one session or as many as you like.

After you RSVP, you'll receive an electronic copy of the Soul Matters packet for the upcoming session

I look forward to seeing you there!

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